founded in 2006 in Lisbon, it was set up with the following specific objectives:


    -to ensure that all customers are given the highest standards in language learning training;
-to offer quality service at all times;
-to respond to all student needs and requirements efficiently.

Furthermore, the school was created with the vision of teaching languages using an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional methods. Providing a dynamic and relevant learning experience for all students is fundamental to successful language learning. LU offers this experience by adapting each course to the needs of its students.

LU offers language training courses for businesses in all sectors; It specializes in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Portuguese for Foreigners. The school also offers business and General English, and we do it according to your needs.

The school comes to you! This allows for the upmost level of convenience possible.

LU opened its affiliate location outside of Torres Vedras in 2007, allowing for its services to expand to areas north of Lisbon.

At Languages Unlimited, we believe in providing the community with high-quality, language-learning opportunities. With that objective in mind, we offer other ways to learn learning something new! Take a look at our new courses!