Baby Movement Classes


In our Baby and Children Movement Classes (12 months to 5 years), children learn how to handle everyday objects in specific ways with other children and adults through movements and fun learning activities. The babies and children are encouraged to explore the materials presented in each session, discovering the abilities and possibilities of their own bodies as they learn to feel, to watch, to listen, to wait, to invent, and to learn.


By being aware of their own bodies, movements and feelings, our young learners are better able to learn how to connect with objects as well as how to involve and interact with others and with the surrounding environment.


The objects are presented in an unusual context, utilizing different functions from what the children are accustomed to. This promotes the child’s ability to adapt through movement upon each suggestion or request made by the teacher in accordance to   each child’s own abilities.

Classes usually take place once a week for 45 minutes sessions that are divided in 3 different phases. In the first phase, the children sit in a circle as they explore, manipulate, and share various types of objects.  This is followed by the children participating in an exploration of the material using the space of the room.  This is the time that the children use their own body to move through the teacher-created paths and obstacles. In the final phase, the children relax both their bodies and minds with massage (a special moment between the adult and child) and music.

Children from 12 to 36 months must be accompanied by an adult that will share the experience of the activities.