Partnerships with Universities, Schools & Institutions


Languages Unlimited offers a wide array of language courses (including Portuguese for Foreigners) in various levels.  These courses will not only satisfy the personal interest, but also the professional needs of language learners.  Predominately, the courses run at the universities, schools or institutions premises.

We offer language courses that are geared towards the academic community (students and faculty alike), but they can also be open to the general public.

The courses can be organized to include one to two lessons a week during the academic year (October-July) with respect to the following holiday breaks: two weeks at Christmas, two weeks at Spring break (Easter), and a week at Carnaval. The courses can be set up to accommodate a variety of timetables.





General English:

20, 30 or 60 hour courses meeting once or twice a week

·         Courses for faculty members

·         Courses for students

·         Open courses



Specialty English:

20, 30 or 60 hour courses meeting once or twice a week

·         Health

·         Environment

·         Computers

·         Management

·         Tourism

·         General Business English



Tutorial Courses:

Language tutorial courses geared specifically towards university students to assist them in their comprehension of their research material for their specific disciplines.

Hours and course duration based on the needs of the students.



General English/French/German/Spanish:

90 to 120-hour courses meeting once/ twice weekly. The following levels apply:

·         A1*

·         A2*

·         B1*

·         B2*

·         C1*

·         C2*

* These courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and can be taken with the objective of taking the official exams.




English for Children:

20, 30, or 60 hour courses meeting once/ twice weekly

Geared at initiating young learners with the English language.

·         2-3 years old

·         4-6 years old


Other courses can be organized to specifically meet the needs of your university, school, or institution.